How we work at Weinrich & Associates: The Decision Process

Our job is to ask tough questions, design creative solutions, coordinate planning resources, secure financial instruments, and manage performance results for our clients. Our work covers three phases.


1. Development phase

In the Development phase our local and national design teams work together with clients` decision-making team to gather data, isolate and quantify potential problems, and explore solution options. This effort combines the experienced staff of Weinrich & Associates with a diverse range of advisory specialists and product resources and the resources of National Financial Partners, Corp. including . . .

  • Plan design specialists
  • Product and product source analysts
  • Legal and accounting specialists
  • Investment analysts and asset managers
  • Corporate and private banking specialists
  • Actuarial experts
  • Trust services providers
  • Insurance product providers


2. Implementation phase

Once our development team recommends solution alternatives, our financial professionals perform a final analysis on the financial products that fit the plan parameters. Meanwhile, we coordinate with clients` legal and financial advisors to complete documentation of the plan and define the administration procedures for the next phase.


3. Management phase

Once decision consensus has been reached, the plan moves into the Management phase. That is when we secure the necessary service agreements to monitor the results of the plan and respond to ongoing needs. We want you to feel assured that we sit on your side of the table for the long term.


The decision process begins with the right questions.

Corporate contingency strategies

Employee benefits strategies

Retirement plan strategies

Executive benefits strategies

Corporate lifetime settlements*

Family business strategies

Personal financial strategies

Individual lifetime settlements*

Legacy planning strategies


*Investors should consult with their own professional advisor regarding the potential tax, estate, and legal considerations that may arise in connection with entering into a life settlements transaction. Proceeds from a life settlement transaction may be taxable under federal or state law to the extent the proceeds exceed the cost basis. The proceeds from a life settlement transaction may be subject to claims of creditors. The receipt of proceeds from a life settlement transaction may adversely impact eligibility for government benefits and entitlements.  The amount received for the sale of the Policy may be impacted by the circumstances of the particular purchaser of the Policy, the insured’s life expectancy, future premiums, the death benefit, the terms of the Policy, and the current market for insurance policies, among other factors. The amount received for the sale of the Policy may be more or less than what others might receive for the sale of a similar policy. There may be high fees associated with the sell of a Life settlement.

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